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Tháng Mười Một 05, 2021
Clinical oxygen inhalation is divided into nasal catheter oxygen inhalation and mask oxygen inhalation. Usually, low-flow oxygen inhalation is completed through nasal catheter oxygen inhalation.
The nasal cannula usually takes in oxygen at 5L/min, and the oxygen concentration can reach 40%. If the patient's oxygen supply is still not satisfied at this time, it is necessary to change to a mask to inhale oxygen.
Mask oxygen is divided into ordinary mask oxygen, Venturi inner mask oxygen, and air bag mask oxygen. The air-storage mask can provide the highest oxygen concentration, and the venturi inner mask is mainly used for atomization. Usually when using a mask to inhale oxygen, the inhaled oxygen concentration is relatively high, such as above 5L/min or higher, can reach 10L/min.
Therefore, when the mask is inhaling oxygen, the patient's condition is usually severe, and it is only used when the oxygen demand is relatively large or when it is used for atomization. The above conditions will be used in the hospital, such as patients with severe cardiopulmonary disease or need to be atomized, etc.
Is it useful for the elderly to use a home oxygen inhaler?
Mask feeding is a way of inhaling oxygen. The oxygen flow rate of mask oxygen is generally 3-4L/min. Generally speaking, the high flow rate of mask oxygen is 4-6 liters per minute. Generally, hyperventilation or respiratory failure requires the use of a mask for high-flow oxygen.

In the process of using a mask to inhale high-flow oxygen, it is generally necessary to closely monitor the blood oxygen saturation. Concentration test Fi=21+4*oxygen flow. The flow rate can be calculated according to the required concentration. Suitable for severe hypoxia, the oxygen concentration can reach 40% to 50%, and it feels more comfortable, without mucosal irritation and dry blowing.

The oxygen mask provides a way to transfer the oxygen needed for breathing from the storage tank to the human lungs. There are mainly medical oxygen masks, aviation oxygen masks and oxygen masks used by airline passengers, which play an important role in curing diseases and protecting the safety of passengers and pilots.
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